Charis Psachos

Charis Psachos

Location: Greece



My inner Liberation.

Dark Yellow Red Alchemy “Dark Yellow Red Alchemy”

Absorption and metamorphosis.
A journey to the Abstraction wholeness.
The artwork is on stretchers backset.
Dimensions 80X120cm

Green Yellow PlayLines “Green Yellow PlayLines”

The former layer left a relief on the surface of the canvas.
Later, been absorbed by the color vibrations, the lines, and a journey to the minimal.

Guitarist “Guitarist”

From the hart of a dark-colored background the form of a woman playing the guitar arises.
The abstract form is there, the same time that a ballerina seems to appear as you are watching at the colored form.
Both appeared and coexist. It is probably the same guitar player that leaves the guitar and starts to dance.