Galina Sobol

When I was child I was dreaming about happiness I could give to other people. But in my adult life it seemed to me that all my dreams were broken. I was unhappy even by myself. It was till the moment I met with a book “From Here to Greater Happiness” by Joel M. Teutsch and Champion K. Teutsch. Also I met Tatiana M. Sorina and Boris V. Sorin who are the international trainers of success and the followers of the Teutsch’s. From that moment my life is filled of colors both the physical and the figurative. In 2010 I started painting and became Sunday painter. Now I am author and curator of Art Exhibition in Moscow “Jivaya Mechta”(Living Dream). As an artist I have taken part in exhibitions in Russia and Europe (Germany and Italy), one of my works was sold at Society Charitable Auction by Emiliya Kazandzhyan (June, 2011). I am awardee of Russian Art Week in Moscow (April, 2012) and in Italy (June, 2012). You may see my page in International Contemporary Masters Vol. IV. And my sketch was used for Logo for a family cuisine in Moscow. I happy that my way and example can be useful for other people.
I appreciate the opportunity to take part in this competition and I am very happy to present my art works.

June 2012 - Exhibition "Belle Freur", Gallery-N, Moscow, RU
Oct. 2010 - Exhibition "Jiviye Mechty" (Living Dreams), my project with parter, Gallery-N, Moscow, RU
Dec. 2010 - Exhibition "Visokya Voda" (High Water), Vernadskogo State Museam, Moscow, RU
Feb. 2011 - Exhibition in Russisches Haus , Berlin, GE
1 June 2011 - Society Charitable Auction of Emiliya Kazandzhyan, Dom Karlo, Moscow, RU
Sep. 2011 - Exhibition "Jivaya Mechta", Drevo gallery, Moscow
April 2012 - Artweek in Moscow, 3rd place in competition, Mars Gallery, RU
June 2012 - Artweek in Italy, 3rd place in competition, Rocca Malatestiana Fano, IT
July 2012 - Exhibition "Jivaya Mechta", Drevo gallery, Moscow, RU


My Art

My works are bright and positive as am I. They full of ideas which touch chord in hearts. My art works have special meaning for different people. I create my works in different techniques and I like experiments and searching new. I like what I do. I love people and life.
I like to cooperate with different artists (painters) and benefit to everyone.

Perseption “Perseption”

Each person has individual perception and the same subjects, events, relations and images may have different meaning for different individuals. So, here you may see bird or flower or curtains or feather or blue flame or something else.

Happy Girl with camomile “Happy Girl with camomile”

It is very joyous work with idea of happy child. Little girl who is happy with small camomile, with bright balloon, with summer and all things around. She doesn't know about any evil and she is happy by her nature. She is like everyone of us in early childhood.

In focus “In focus”

There are a lot of flowers in a vase. So from many different flowers in the vase you choose one you love most... and you focus on it and no one also beautiful flower can change your focus from the flower you love most. And you see only this flower in the vase. This flower can be your lovely melody or your lovely activity or the way you choose in your life or person you love most, and so on.