Location: Indonesia


Riszky Rach Studio

My paintings are a reflection of my anxiety because of the events that happen around us. Greed and discontent that resulted in the destruction of a people's way of life is a picture of human nature at this time.

War, large-scale exploitation of natural resources, uncontrolled hunting, industrial waste disposal, are some examples of human greed that can disrupt ecosystems. Destruction of the balance of the ecosystem due to human activity is a significant impact on the harmony and welfare of human life and other living things.

My paintings are about people, about nature, and about the destruction of nature
Dynamic brush strokes and the scratches on the canvas is a manifestation of the condition of the earth today.

I hope my works can build a dialogue with the viewer that can stimulate reflection on what happened, which raised an awareness.

I don’t make a sketch for all of my painting. I just do some experiment by applying different techniques in a painting. As a whole it will generate an unexpected surprise which is not expected before. I put the visualization elements of color, texture and contrast as a result of my expression to be poured into a work of painting.
For me painting is a process that starts from the first brushstroke on the canvas, which continued constantly, and end when the last attempt no longer cause a reaction

Once Upon A Time in The Village “Once Upon A Time in The Village”

Oil on Canvas
100 X 150 cm