Location: Belarus

I was born and spent most of my life in Lithuania, now I live and create in Minsk. I have always been interested in art as an expression of the intangible, rationally inexplicable, intuitive. For me, painting is existentially important as the process itself and I cannot do without it - it is therapy in the most literal sense. Painting connects me with endless joy inside. This is the road that teaches me to trust myself, to surrender to the unknown, to continue endlessly seeking and discovering something new. My art attracts intuitively. I am not telling the viewer what to think and feel. Everyone can see something of their own or think it out as he sees fit. I often use the round shape, but not only. Why a circle? - This is the most correct and perfect form that symbolizes unity, infinity and integrity. This is a great and limitless universe.



This series of works is dedicated to the exploration of landscapes.
In this work, I was interested not to mix it with nature. Color combinations are spontaneously selected.

Sunset “Sunset”

The sky surprises, covers with waves of delight as a saving blanket of pacification and reliability. It seems to cover us from that enormous connection with Infinity, which we do not knowingly reveal, since we are too small for the big game of the Universe. The sky is so dear and so unknown.


I was inspired to paint this picture by the full moon. For me, she has always been inexplicably attractive and hiding mysterious forces. She turns someone into a wild beast, gives strength to someone, and intoxicates someone and falls in love with someone.


Spring evening time. Sunset glitter, pink sky, fine miraculous rain and light breeze. Time to relax and unwind.

Sunset II “Sunset II”

Original abstract landscape painting textured acrylic on wood. Ready to hang.

Lightning for a second “Lightning for a second”

The night sky is so magical. When there are flashes in the sky, lines of lightning sparkle. They seem to herald the collapse of the darkness. For a second and a moment, you can get insight.