Christa Capua

Christa Capua is an Asheville- and Miami- based artist working in multimedia and digital collage. She earned her BFA in painting and drawing from Bennington College in 1994, as well as graduating Cum Laude from Florida International University in 2005 with an MS in Counseling.
Christa’s subject matter examines themes of gender, faith, nostalgia, and the cycles of suffering, death, decay, redemption and rebirth.
Her current body of work, “Data Points: Subject/Object,” focuses on an imagined modern-day Adam and Eve, and the iconography and symbols that might accompany them. These pieces emerged from traditional cut-and-paste collage, which Christa then photographed and digitally altered, layering images and textures until the desired effect is achieved.
For more information on Christa Capua, please visit her on Instagram: @christa.e.c, or on her web site at


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