Niobe Burden

NIOBE BURDEN is a visual artist who spends her time between Lake Tahoe and the San Francisco Bay area capturing unique perspectives of light on landscape.
Primarily self- taught, she has supplemented her practice with commercial studio and location assisting, set preparation and styling, custom lab photo printing, and professional workshops and lectures. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Maine and had 6 years of experience in the venture capital, commercial lending and debt collection sector out of college.
The compelling beauty of the places she has lived has captivated her since she was young. First growing up on the coast of Maine. she later took advantage of traveling on a shoe string budget to many aesthetically beautiful and culturally rich places in the world. Fourteen years ago she settled in Lake Tahoe, California and now photographs and instructs in Lake Tahoe and the bay area. She learned, to be a successful artist, you need to be business smart, listen carefully to your clients, and be able to interpret their needs creatively and effectively. She also learned the importance of finding a niche, which she believes equates to, what you’re most passionate about.



When I photograph, many times I am drawn to the dramatic times of predawn and after dusk. Other times, I seek unique perspectives that may not be readily apparent in a scene to others. My visual interpretations are meant to be simple but emotional images that convey a feeling of calmness and serenity.
The play of light on landscape and details in nature excites me to no end. I love to discover compositions in nature that I’ve never seen before. There are always more, as natures’ palette is always changing and evolving.