Juan Del Balso

Juan Del Balso

Location: Argentina

Self-taught, and with the opportunity to travel, live and work abroad, Del Balso moves into the contemporary art scene as a timeless artist. In his works some kind of classic lines can be appreciated, above all because of the respect towards the craft of the sculptor or old painter, but he fills them with a current, own and external content of the world in which we live.

He hates to repeat himself, which translates into works made in the most diverse materials and techniques. He divides his time between the realization of sculptures, paintings, drawings and objects of art, always looking to print their own stamp.
His paintings and drawings are left to read, they are stories that accompany, that delight ... wrapped in an horror vacui that mysteriously does not take the breath away, but encourages to enter and discover in the apparent chaos. They are multifaceted works, they have a far different from the fence ...
In his sculptures, however, the search focuses on the line, in expressing through the form, the idea is one, but the content seeks to be universal. Del Balso, in the third dimension, forgets the anecdotal, the aggregate, seeks, without ceasing to "represent" an abstraction, an essence.


Horror Vacui

In my paintings drawing has the lead role. It doesn’t matter if the surface is a white canvas or one full of stains, drawing leads the viewer to thousand stories, that let him read the painting