Christiane Jamar

Christiane Jamar Varney was born in Belgium in 1945 and spent her adolescent years in the Congo till 1960.
It was during these formative years spent in the Congo that her love for Africa,its people ,its energy and its Magic developed.
Her paintings are a reflection of that passion,with the use of bright ,warm colours.
She brings all the beauty that Africa is to us as seen through her eyes .


before the storm

Our beautiful Africa,big blue sky and vibrant colours.

Before the storm... “Before the storm...”

oil on stretch canvas 180cm x 80 cm

Feinboss at Hermanus bay . “Feinboss at Hermanus bay .”

oil on stretch canvas 180cm x 80 cm

Karen's happy place... “Karen's happy place...”

oil on stretch canvas 180cm x 70cm

Chloe “Chloe”

oil on stretch canvas 100cmx100cm

Magic in the forest... “Magic in the forest...”

oil on stretch canvas,180cm x 80cm