Rimpee Gill

Rimpee Gill was born in Chicago, IL. She is an artist, writer, and medical student. She is a self-taught artist but she took several art courses while she studied undergraduate for her biological science studies.
Her artwork revolves around the "Journey of Life" and she tries to convey the message through her art. She believes it is important how the artist has conveyed the message, mood, or meaning through the elements and principles of art.
Check out her Instagram page @gillrimpee for her latest work and photography.



I would use one of my poetry to describe this portfolio-

Life is a journey of the universe,
Our mind is like a cosmos,
On that day; things get perfectly
harmonious and
everything aligned the same in all directions
the day you were born.
-Rimpee Gill

Perception “Perception”

Perception is the key to the mindset.

Intuition “Intuition”

A spiritual soul

Tractor “Tractor”

A farmer's Life


I love taking pictures of nature especially sunrise and sunset, I found them healing.

Chicago sunrise “Chicago sunrise”

Focus on the target

Caribbean Sea “Caribbean Sea ”

View of a Caribbean sea from the Curacao bridge

City lights “City lights”

City lights view from Chicago 360