Jake Phillip Morris

My name is Jake Phillip Morris and I'm a 23 year old artist out of Arizona. I have been selling my artwork for the past 4 years and slowly trying to become a better artist and truly realize what art can do for me, and what I can do for it.

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Jake Phillip Morris Figures

I group these paintings as they are due to similar tendencies, colors, or themes.I just thought they would go together. Please think of them as you will

Nora “Nora”

May 2020
3 ft x 4 ft
Oil on Canvas

My Deep Dejection “My Deep Dejection”

Oil On Canvas
16 x 20 Inches

What I Can't Help “What I Can't Help ”

Oil On canvas
16 x 20 Inches

Imogen and Posthumus “Imogen and Posthumus”

Oil on Stretched Canvas
48 inches × 30 inches