Ursula Vargas

As a Peruvian artist have research pre-columbian art and how is reflected in a contemporary context, in territories where now a multi-cultural city, where different economic classes, regions, cultures, ethnic groups, habits, art, food, colours, have developed.

The awareness of climate change, human exploitation of natural resources and its effects on population since ancient times, have appear along this research and during my life, being the motorway and memories that I collect during road trips since childhood, the conduit to these places and my work.

Have start working on the representation of the informal in this, chaotic and corrupt city but rich in culture, reflecting the contemporary baroque, overloaded with information, an explosion of colour and sound, were this cultures are adapted to the urban and in territories were climate change have had a severe effect on them.

Being the reason why I’m using recycled cardboard board boxes in my work.




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