Rose Palmiero

I am 82 years old. I always loved to draw. Maps mostly. That was the only book I had. I improved my art work from many Art Books. I have won three entries in the Art Quench Magazine 2018 Edition. Also, first place for the cover of -
The Story of the Music Project by David Stanley. Also, merit awards.


The Open Sea

I am a self taught Artist. Learned by reading many books. The following are photos of my work.

The Open Sea “The Open Sea”

This painting is of a old large ship. It is tired and struggling to stay afloat. But it proud of all the journies . You can see the power and strength as it glides across the sea.


This about the Virus. I am unable to load it in the proper place . So here it is. On the right side their are women in white with masks on looking up to a woman that has the virus. One is kissing her forehead, one her eyes, one her mouth. The womans hair goes down to the floor. Unable to get it cut. There is a shadow of another woman waiting for the woman in white to help her. The red that you see is the blood of all the people who died because of this virus. The partial red face protruding on the right has the virus. Below the red are people in black . Gathering together to enter and seek help.
The figure on the left is fighting to stop the circle with the virus from pulling others into the tunnel.