Sungjae Lee

For Sung Jae Lee, arduous and repetitive artistic labor is both the gateway to the relief of anxiety and compulsion and a necessity to portray the infinitesimal parts of whole objects. Objects that are minute, delicate, and unpredictable are expanded in his works, and his meticulous details draw oppositions between parts and entireties in his videos, installations, and drawings. Complexities build up simplicities, fragilities compose stabilities, and nothingness becomes something. Through such works and processes, Sungjae Lee’s creations move very subtly, continuously transform, and/or gradually disappear as if they never existed. Sungjae Lee earned his BFA at Kong-Ju National University in South Korea studying cartoons and animations, and MFA at California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation program. By participating in Hyundai Motors’ 1st VH AWARD, affiliated with Ars Electronica, his 10-channel video Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions was exhibited in both Vision Hall at Hyundai Motors University where is equipped with the largest media displayer in Asia, and in 8K Deep Space at Ars Electronica. Also, during the Studios at MASS MoCA residency, he developed his nylon thread installation that is engaged with a subtle motion, titled Floating Drawing: Spherical Sphere, and exhibited it at 825 gallery in Los Angeles. Lee's works have been showcased and awarded at prestigious galleries, museums, and events; his installations and videos were exhibited at Red Cat, Cheongju Craft Biennale, Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, Currents New Media Festival, Southern Utah Museum of Art, LA Art Show, Asia Digital Art Exhibition in Beijing, and Joshua Tree Highland Artist Residency.


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