Terri Broughton

Terri Broughton is a painter, life coach and trainer, living in Norfolk with her husband Tony and their wirehair fox terrier, Brillo. She is a loving wife, an adoring mother, and a proud sister. Terri and her sisters were reunited In adulthood, becoming a tight-knit family.

She recently completed a year-long diploma at the Norfolk Painting School, under the expert guidance of Martin Kinnear, one of Britain’s leading contemporary painters.

Terri’s contemporary painting style is strongly influenced by Paula Rego, Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville and Joan Eardley, all masters in the art of telling stories through paint.

It has taken the best part of 50 years – following an extensive and impressive career in Education – for Terri to begin to exorcise those childhood demons and embrace the now. The power of her paintings is the result of the artful deployment of allegory, symbolism and metaphor.

Finally unleashing her talent and passion for painting, Terri is an emerging artist to watch.



Following the death of our parents, my two sisters and I were separated at an early age, living in a number of different foster homes. Somehow, we were always inextricably connected: separate but one. Through this collection of work, I hope to stimulate reflection into the labels placed on us by others, as well as by ourselves. We metaphorically begin to wear masks, initially for protection or survival, and often to our detriment. These masks shape our lives, hiding and limiting our true purpose and potential. Yet behind the mask, who we really are is safe in incubation. When we are ready to take off the mask, we emerge into the world as our authentic self, in all our beautiful, gritty glory.

Gas Mark 3 “Gas Mark 3”

A weighty, over-sized gas mark emphasising isolation – even with her back to the wall there are signs of hope, as yet unseen.

Immune System “Immune System”

A universal experience – not fitting in, not part of the ‘in-crowd’.

Being Human

In this collection of work, entitled Being Human, I have been exploring our humanness, with the aim of revealing universal truths that we can all relate to. I have always been fascinated by people, and as an oil painter, I try to bring stories to life: those that belong to other people as well as those of my own.

Patience “Patience”

I love telling stories through paint. I have been asked many questions about this piece. Is she making a decision? Is she ‘fed up’? What is she thinking? What has happened? What is happening now? What is she going to do next?

This is what I love about some paintings. We bring our own questions and interpretations to a piece.