Kathy S. Copsey

With a strong background in art and music, Kathy S. Copsey is a self-taught, freelance artist who has won numerous awards for her artwork, which has reached as far as two different Kung Fu schools in China and her books as far as Australia.  She specializes in animals, focusing on acrylic paintings with texture and freehand (digital) drawings and enjoys working with several other mediums as well including pencil drawings, writing, music composition, photography, and videography.  She finds inspiration from many sources, with the strongest influence from Native American culture and animals, and many of her pieces come from dreams and visions she has received. Her artwork has an unique style and realistic look, giving you the impression that you could reach out to touch the texture of an animal's coat, feathers, or fur.


Native American Inspired

With a focus on animals, these pieces have been created with a strong Native American influence. More works available at https://kathycopsey.com.

"The Strength We Are Given From Our Ancestors" “"The Strength We Are Given From Our Ancestors"”

We all gain strength and wisdom from those who come before us, just as depicted by the Bison ancestors riding through the clouds in the background. This piece came from a strong set of visions I received, and in Native American culture, the Bison are a seen as very special and sacred spirits, both powerful and of great importance. These magnificent beasts were almost brought to extinction, but thankfully some of the species managed to survive and with help, they have begun to thrive once again. It is important for us to help all species continue on and not to lose the strength of our connection with the ones who have gone before us.

"The Spirit Of Warriors & Ancestors" “"The Spirit Of Warriors & Ancestors"”

There are times when we must be warriors, fighting for what we believe in and for our dreams. But, we also must know when to stop and listen for guidance from our ancestors as well. We must be strong, yet gentle with the meek. Confident, yet humble. Courageous, yet compassionate & understanding of those who live in fear. See ourselves as having value, and yet be generous to those around us in need. When to speak, and when to listen. Everyone has battles & challenges, often ones we do or can not necessarily see. With time and experience often comes wisdom we must learn to share with others in compassionate ways. Even when we may not agree with another’s opinion, we must respect the beliefs and views of others. We are all different and yet all the same as brothers and sisters, so we must always be willing to learn and listen and always be kind to each other so we can create a better world for all. So listen for the wisdom of the spirit of the ancestors to guide you on your journey so you may reach all your goals and dreams.

"Guide Us, Oh Great & Mighty Warrior" “"Guide Us, Oh Great & Mighty Warrior"”

The bear is considered a mighty and strong warrior in Native American culture, one who also symbolizes courage and leadership. In this piece, the people are seen as shadows cast by the campfires sitting and listening for this mighty warrior, one who will be their spirit helper and guide.

"The Journey Of A Vision Quest" “"The Journey Of A Vision Quest"”

This piece is comprised of 2 visions. The 1st of the Native American riding on the horse looking into the distance when I was seeking what I should be doing next. For awhile I tried to determine what was supposed to be in the distance, and although I couldn’t quite figure it out at the time, I decided to start drawing, knowing the answer would come in time.

Then last Sunday, on the 7th, the 2nd vision came of the face of a Chief encased in a cloud. Searching afterwards, I could not find the right image and/or determine who it was I saw, but I knew it was someone important.

Two days later, I saw an article talking about the great Chief Joseph Medicine Crow who had died 2 days earlier, the very same day of my vision, and suddenly I realized he was the one I saw. I feel honored such a set of strong visions came to me, and it goes to show that if you stop, listen, and be patient enough to wait, the quest for the answers you seek will come.

"In Pursuit Of One's Dreams" “"In Pursuit Of One's Dreams"”

Recently I had a dream riding on a white horse chasing a white bison while heading the opposite direction of a herd of brown and black horses. The sacred white bison is considered to be a great sign of abundance and hope. Sometimes to reach the goal of our dreams, we must be willing to go against the crowd, and while this can be rather difficult, we must be brave to pursue our dreams, as the reward for achieving our dreams has no equal.