Millin Sangha Gujral

Millin Sangha Gujral

Location: India

I am a professional psychologist and a self taught artist. Art serves as an escape from the real world for me. When I am invested in my artwork I let my soul take control and am able to view the world from more compassionate eyes.
I am a divine being and I love to help people out every opportunity I get.
My art focuses on understanding the human psyche in our day to day lives and shining out the traits which make us unique.
My art comes from a place of love deep within my heart and I wish to spread this love and brighten people’s lives.
My journey is unique and my art can depict that. When working on my artwork, I feel like I am in a meditative state where it’s only me and my work, talking about all good things to come.
Love and Light to Everyone.



This portfolio depicts different aspects of the human psyche. How each one of us see ourselves is mostly based on others opinions of us.
No curriculum teaches us the most important thing about ‘Loving Ourselves’.
But in this era, the understanding of self is quickly increasing. More and more people are investing in understanding themselves and constantly live with trying to love ourselves, flaws and strengths included.
External appearance of people can be very deceiving of our internal dialogue and personality. It’s more and more important to understand people based on their journey, story and experiences rather than their cover.

As an artist I like to work with different aspects of the human psyche. I am a self taught artist with masters in psychology. It helps me understand people and to be able to bring out what I see on paper or canvas. I create with my emotions and feelings and hence every piece of work is the closest to my heart and soul.

Divine Reflection “Divine Reflection ”

We are all made of the Universe. In our fast paced lives, we rarely look at ourselves as a vast and magical part of the universe. This work depicts the few times we truly connect with our souls, understand how magical we truly are and fall in love with the purity of the divinity we are made of. We need to remind ourselves everyday how beautiful, unique and expansive we truly are.

Ruhaniyat “Ruhaniyat ”

True happiness comes from the soul. We are learning and changing every single second. Life is like a blur most of the times like driving through the town on a rainy day. Take a minute everyday to ground yourselves. To remind yourselves of the burning passion that exists within you that can make everything possible. To believe in ourselves and work towards the best version of ourselves every single day.

Identity “Identity”

We are all Unique! Like no two fingerprints can match, nor can two individuals. As we go through life, we all have different experiences coming from different cultures and upbringings, hence we learn to make sense of everything differently. It’s beautiful as to how we make sense of ourselves and our values and put our own individuality out into the world. We are beautiful beings, with a lot of compassion to put out into the world. With our understandings and values we can all combine our strengths to make this world a better place.