Anna Steshenko

Anna Steshenko

Location: Ukraine

My name is Anna Steshenko. I am a professional artist and designer from Zaporozhye, Ukraine. I started painting at the age of 4, it was my favorite hobby since childhood. Therefore, in the future I chose the profession of a designer. In 2007 I graduated from Kiev National University of Culture and Arts with a degree in environmental design. In 2008, I graduated from, the Institute of Advertising and was qualified as a Master of Design. For many years I worked in the field of industrial design. I was engaged in the creation of design fabrics for clothing and bed linen. But painting from the very beginning was in my heart, so I wanted to embody my ideas on canvas. On creation many of my artworks I am inspired by our Universe and the world around us. In each of my work I try to reflect the beauty and diversity of the world, the greatness of nature and the power of the Universe. The basis of my artworks is the motives of nature - flowers, birds, animals, space and of course a man. I love to create my own world of fantasy and magic, where everyone can get to escape from the everyday concerns of life.


Floral Paintings

The Universe inside us “The Universe inside us”

acrylic, canvas, 55x120cm
The Universe created us, created nature and everything that surrounds us. We and the entire natural world are made up of its tiniest particles - atoms, which originate in the depths of the space in the nebulae and clusters of stars. The girl symbolizes both - the man and the universe at the same time. She seemed to be thinking about creating a new life. The flowers around her symbolize the natural world, buds are the sprouts of a new life that spread to the planet's. Nature, the whole animal world, all life on Earth dissolves in the universe, or maybe the universe is dissolved in us?..

The cycle of life “The cycle of life”

acrylic, canvas, 70x120cm
Our Universe is an integral system. Everything is appropriately in it. All living beings, all the processes that take place are interconnected and can't exist without each other. Birth and death go alongside and interlacing create the permanent, continuous cycle of life.

Magic of the Spring “Magic of the Spring”

oil, canvas, 70x100cm

A touch of nature “A touch of nature”

oil, canvas, 50x70cm

Floral Fantasy “Floral Fantasy”

oil and acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm