Anna Galea

Anna Galea

Location: Malta

Anna Galea is an established, award winning artist based in Malta and Dubai, best known for her exceptionally large and vibrant still-life paintings and abstractions.

A Master of Arts graduate from the University of Malta, Anna has exhibited her art extensively across the main capital cities of Europe, in the UAE, Mauritius and Australia, as well as in Washington and New York.

Her art is inspired by nature and she delights in zooming in to produce dramatic, intense and sometimes abstracted interpretations of normal mundane subjects - which we all tend to take for granted.

Anna’s watercolour work has been highly acknowledged in the United States as well as in Europe and the UAE. She was entrusted with conducting Master watercolour demonstrations at Conventions of the International Watercolour Society in Fabriano Italy, and in Dubai.

Anna Galea’s paintings have featured in books of the highly acclaimed “International Artist” publishers of USA, on calendars, book covers and other publications. Her works can be found in private collections of art connoisseurs, in palaces and museums, banks and offices.


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