Alisha Anglin

Born and raised on Long Island, Alisha Anglin currently lives and works as a Professional Abstract Artist in Phoenix, AZ. She is self-taught and started painting at the young age of 10. For her, art is a way of living and a means through which she makes sense of the chaotic events in life. Anglin's bold abstract compositions are created in abstract expressionist, cubist, and gestural styles. She paints intuitively using acrylics on canvas and has an extensive portfolio of artwork in various styles. The beauty of imperfection is explored through applying geometric and wild patterns to deliberately distorted forms, challenging the inherent perfectionist Alisha is at heart. You can tell by her prismatic and electrifying colors, every piece of artwork she has painted has been one of a kind. The evocative effects of her paintings will vary depending on the interests and experiences as a collaboration Is established between the viewer and Artist as the viewer enters the Abstract world of each painting.

Alisha has been in numerous Exhibitions and is an American Artist with Singulart which is based in Paris, France. In November 2019, she was invited to partner with Wayfair as one of the first female Artists to produce her art on home décor for sale on In 2019, Alisha taught an ornament painting class at Moya Elementary School for 4th graders in Phoenix. Upon completion of the class, she donated 30 art kits with canvases for the holidays to students who come from low-income homes. She is a big advocate for the Art and local community in Phoenix and has been published in Voyage Phoenix Magazine, and Shoutout Arizona as an Entrepreneur owning Motley Eye LLC. Her business was named after her first professional painting Motley Eye.

In 2021 Alisha taught a MasterClass for the Madison School District of 6000 students, to bring creativity and to help the students express themselves during a very crucial time with virtual/hybrid learning due to Covid.

As of 2021, she is a Board Member for the The Madison Education Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to enriching the quality of education of every child who attends Madison Public Schools by providing innovative, hands-on programs in music and the arts.