Timothy Carter

I am a Miami based steel sculpture, creating monumental sculptures using curved I-beams.


Yellow I-beam Sculpture

I started to create monumental steel sculpture using curved I-beams in the summer of 2018. These I-beams have been curved using hydraulics so no integral strength has been jeopardized in the steel I-beams. The curves are thus more gradual and symmetrical because of this method. Each curved I-beam is placed in a juxtaposing position to the adjacent I-beam creating beautiful symmetry.

Yellow #8 “Yellow #8”

This 9 foot tall steel I-beam sculpture has been exhibited in the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County The Satellite Gallery's "Re-imagine" show 2019.

Red Dancer “Red Dancer”

Red dancer is a steel sculpture of woven steel bars in a figurative style, mounted on a tall pedestal base made of square tube steel. The image of a ballerina spinning in her dance is the inspiration for this piece. The weaving of the steel is a representation of the spinning movement of the dancing figure.

Small Red Dancer “Small Red Dancer”

This is a figurative steel sculpture made of woven steel bars. The movement depicted by the woven steel represents the dancing motion of a ballerina.


This steel sculpture of a kissing couple is a true favorite of mine. The female figure depicted as passionate and curvy with lots of dimensions, I feel is the best way to represent the "her" in a kiss. The male figure is tall, supportive, and steady. This sculpture is welded steel on a solid round steel plate.

Kissing “Kissing”

This steel sculpture tells the story of love and romance. It conveys the emotion of a passionate kiss. The male figure is still, with steady, simple grace. The female figure is full of energy, motion, and curves. They beautifully compliment each other giving a wonderful contrast and balance that is indicative of the male female relationship.