Loretta Ribaudo Carter

Loretta Ribaudo Carter

Location: Australia

My Name is Loretta Ribaudo Carter, I am an Australian Artist, now living on Lake Como, Italy.
I enjoy expressing my emotions with each piece I create. I love to paint abstract mixed with fauvism and expressionism.
My desire to paint comes from my inner emotions, which are forever changing. Whatever I feel that day, drives me to transpose it onto canvas or paper.
I have had 6 solo exhibitions in Perth Australia and been part of many group exhibitions in Australia and now in Europe.
I hope you enjoy my artwork.


Self expression

A mix of emotions with every painting.

Jumping in “Jumping in”

Jumping into the unkown and taking a risk in life.

Seeing the light “Seeing the light”

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, having hope.

The colours within “The colours within”

We all have colours within us. Everyone shows their true colours eventually.