Nasrah Nefer

Nasrah Nefer

Location: Turkey

Nasrah Nefer

This German - Egyptian Artist, born in 1960 in Heidelberg already prefered in Her early childhood  to paint rather than to express Herself in words.

In 1967 -as the youngest participant -She won the first prize with a sculpture in the art contest for students in Baden-Würtemberg. Despite support from Her teachers She chose after graduation to take a different path and was trained as a nurse. While working as a nurse art was again brought to the fore .She received the offer to attend private art studies in Italy. Two years She lived and studied in Sardinia with Francesco Santini .

The Artist continued Her Art education in Germany and had numerous exhibitions in Cologne. She studied later at the University of Cologne Egyptology, Archaeology and Islamic Science. Consecutively receiving a dance education for almost 9 years. With a focus on Egyptian dance She worked in many countries on stage; later teaching dance, gymnastics and painting. Nasrah Nefer than combined Painting with Dance: Sets and props , dance costumes with hand-painted silks and original designs; culminating in Fashion shows in Belgium and Germany . During these years She had numerous exhibitions in many German cities.

This background led Her to establish an oriental store; followed by two Orient houses " Ya Habibi ", an Event Bistro and Restaurant. In these, She realized Her vision to integrate the sensual pleasures of the Orient -  smells , food, music and dance; bringing a world full of colour to the People. These activities are interwoven with Her Art. Since 2002 the Artist lives  in Turkey, where She performed Dance and offered education in Gym and Dance..  Her Art works was exhibited in Alanya, Dalyan and Kuşadası and in Europe.
2014 - 2016 she studied Informatik for Webdesign to expand her creativ activities. 
With the artist Franziska Pietsch She produced the book "Seelenlandschaften". These poems and paintings, were published in September 2015 by Karin Fischer Verlag.
2020 She founded the Artist Group N A S Art with Ayşe Yalcındağ and Serpil Topaloğlu, both turkish Artists.



Gigi Art Paintings

Abstract Paintings, Acryl , Oil or Mixtechnique

Traumfraqmente “Traumfraqmente”

Dreamfraqments - sometimes we wake up and remember a dream like peaces of a picture, it can be like a puzzle, it can be confused and mixed up or clear, but all faces changed and location as wenn. This painting shows so much faces and figures that you can go deeper inside as much you watch it.

Serendipity “Serendipity”

Serendipity is an unexpected, sudden event.
Column of Light, Metathon Channel, Crystal Human. Such phenomena, sudden light columns, are reported as Crystal People or as the Channel of Methaton. By this is meant a kind of opening through which a divine message appears in the form of a pillar of light, in the center of which a being seems to be. It is said that it is the soul part of a person who has encountered it or a kind of angel. Such a pillar of light always appears when a person has reached a corresponding level of consciousness, but needs help for further development for healing.

Olga “Olga”

Olga is the symbol of a woman full of power, beauty, self confidence. She is very female but strong,

Lifeseekers “Lifeseekers”

Lifeseekers is an Art Nouveau / Art Deco style painting inspired by Mackintosh, Glasgow. The landscape seems to be a wasteland, a desert, a deserted, empty wasteland, a wide road that leads to nowhere or does it? Is there a vibrant, pulsating life behind the hill? The lonely wasteland is bathed in sunset colors and shows its fire in red and orange tones. The women on the way are almost out of place in their outfits, a contrast to the emptiness. Are you dressed for going out, have you dressed up to go to a restaurant? or in a bar? or for dancing ?. They look around looking for liveliness and continue on their way, hoping to find a colorful hustle and bustle of liveliness behind the hill into which they can immerse themselves. It is an image of the soul, a longing .....

The Watchers “The Watchers”

Watchers on a path, viewers of a story, your story perhaps. There are helpers on every path, people who reach out, support, inspire and promote one hand. But there are many more who only watch, watch, without interfering. Maybe they do not want to disturb the event, maybe they do not want to put themselves in to change direction. But they may also remain passive because they feel helpless or because they do not want to be responsible in a story that is not their own. Here the observers are not really human, but act like figures, mythical creatures. They observe a story and witness it

Egyptomorphosis “Egyptomorphosis”

It is the emergence into a certain form, appearance, genetic basis from the ethnic root. It is the roots of the artist that show themselves here and their history. Grown up in a German family with a German stepfather, she knew nothing about her true origins for a long time. But truth always seeks a way.
The picture is made in acrylic on a thin chipboard and framed in antique style gold.