Shirley Cresswell
“Our beautiful beaches inspire many of my paintings. To feel like you can walk into a painting, feel the sand, the light breeze and see the waves crashing in. I like to think that the painting is like looking out the window at somewhere you would love to be. It hopefully makes people remember special days they have had enjoying the beach with their families.
I adore old dinghies and I just love to imagine the adventures people have had in these beautiful boats. I attempt to make my paintings 3-dimensional so that you can feel like you want to climb inside the boat or stroll down the walkway”.

Shirley Cresswell is a fulltime artist based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Her beautiful paintings are exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand and in private collections internationally. Shirley has developed her own style and technique painting photo realism in acrylics. By applying paint in many layers she achieves a realist style that captures light in her work.



Selection of my paintings featuring beautiful beaches. Escape by walking down the pathway to the beach, feel the breeze on your face and the sand between your toes and dip your toes into the ocean.
Acrylic realist paintings.

The Boardwalk Revisited “The Boardwalk Revisited”

Returning to Omaha beach to this beautiful boardwalk. Afternoon light creating beautiful shadows
Paintng 1m x 76cm Acrylic

Pure Magic “Pure Magic”

Escape to the beach

Last Light “Last Light”

Stunning shadows and light on this beautiful beach.
Paintng 1m x 76cm Acrylic

Shadow Play “Shadow Play”

Acrylic 1m x 60cm

Boats and water

A selection of my boat and water focused paintings.
Dinghys and boats are my favourite subjects to paint. Absolutely adore. Makes me think about the wonderful stories they tell.

Set Me Free “Set Me Free”

Acrylic painting 1200mm x 900mm
The clours in the water of this painting are what drew me to paint it. And the ropes.

Timeless “Timeless”

1m x 76cm
What a beauty