Pascal Fessler

Born in 1960, I grew up in New York City and currently living between Geneva and London. My work is about introspecting human relationships, or rather non-relationships, mainly depicting superficiality and solitude. It is expressed by opposing organic vs non-organic, light vs darkness, using archetypes, Greek mythology, biblical stories and working in chiaroscuro atmospheres where light rips its way through darkness thus symbolizing optimism. I use a restricted color palette and strong contrasts for a more austere, dramatic effect but also because I’m colorblind. For me art is a complex relation between the artist’s expression and what he is, what he thinks he is or what he wants to be.”



Carteret “Carteret”

A view from my flat at night of the adjacent street. I'm always fascinated by shadows and lights of night scenery

Factory at Sea “Factory at Sea”

The theme is nature regaining it's rights over industrialization... the ocean is swallowing a factory which represents the arrogance of mankind.. there's a slight similarity with the Titanic..

The Lighthouse “The Lighthouse”

This painting is part of series used as a backdrop for a dance show. It's about exploring our subconscious and this light house is a gateway...