Benedetti Marco

Swiss professional photographer and Artist. Works with passion and love for detail. In the constant seek of creating emotional and beautiful works, catching The Moment.

Marco Benedetti is a Swiss photographer with Italian roots. He has been active behind the camera since as early as 1990. Given the luxury to pursue photography not only as a commercial activity but also as a creative outlet, he used his chance and built a solid and professional manner of working, with the best photo equipment available and yet with an artistic, unrestrained approach.

He loves using available light when possible, putting more importance to the excellent management of his analogue and digital cameras than to external props and photo retouching.

At the beginning of his photographic career, he indulged mainly in sports photography for several international martial arts magazines. Later on, inspired by his deep appreciation for beauty and people, he extended his work to different aspects of people photography, mainly portrait, fashion and artistic nude. Nowardays, he is still working in all these areas in parallel, providing sports images for photo agencies and actively pursuing his own artistic projects. He also leads national and international photography workshops.

He is an award winning perfectionist, uncomproming on ressources to achieve his visions in the highest quality possible. His photos and projects were awarded several times in the International Black and White Spider Awards, The Photography Masterscup, published/awarded by photo magazines, exhibited at the EWZ photo awards hall in Zürich and of course present in numerous sports and commercial publications. He has been exhibited several times and is part of the ONWARD Compé Exhibition in Philadelphia/USA. He has been published also in photography books as one of the best emotional photographers around.

Apart from using high end photo technique, Marco Benedetti is currently working with analogue techniques like wet plate (glass) and pin hole camera, painting and collage.