Alexandra Buxbaum

Alexandra Buxbaum is a photographer whose work focuses on documenting the human experience of various people and cultures living in disparate urban environments around the world. Her objective is to capture aspects of everyday life of people as they live, work, and play.

Alexandra has worked professionally for major media outlets, and her photography has appeared in a myriad of news publications and books both nationally and internationally. She has exhibited in over 45 shows at galleries, cultural centers, and museums, and is co-founder of the International Center for Documentary Arts. Her photographs are in numerous private collections.


It’s A Wonderful World”

Photographs that highlight and showcase the beauty, wonder, and diversity of our world.

Great Wall “Great Wall”

Great Wall of Chinafrom the town of Jin Shan Ling towards Simitai, China

Superstition Mountains, Arizona “Superstition Mountains, Arizona”

Very rare snowfall event in the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona

Cadillac Ranch, Texas “Cadillac Ranch, Texas”

Along historic Route 66 on the outskirts of town is Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.

Marble Mountains, Vietnam “Marble Mountains, Vietnam”

The Marble Mountains are a group of five limestone and marble hills south of Danang in Vietnam. Buddhist followers have built shrines and temples at the summits of the mountains and in the caves below them.

Frias, Spain “Frias, Spain”

Frias is a medieval city in Northern Spain built upon a hill and has 275 inhabitants.

Frias, Spain #2 “Frias, Spain #2”

Frias is a historic medieval town on a hill located in Northern Spain. It has an impressive castle and is considered to be the smallest "city" in Spain with only 275 inhabitants.