Athina Kotsoni

Athina Kotsoni

Location: Greece

The painter AthinĂ¡ Kotsoni-Sinetou was given birth in Athens. From young age she paints and has won prises and awards in competitions.

She studied in the facilities of Vakalo Art College and ABC drawing and Decorative. Also studied Dress designer and Accountancy. Watched professionally course painting and figurative Educative program in the Museum Pompidou in France. She was specialized in Thalassografia (sea painting) but also in other forms of painting. Also studied maintainance of work of art in the IEK PETRA and attend classes at the liberal studies workshop INTERGRAPHICS. In Paris she took courses in Ecole National Superieure des Beaux arts. She was an external student at the School of Fine Arts, with Professor Triantos.

Up to today she has exposed her paintings in individual reports in Paris (room la maison de grece), in Rome, in Vienna (rooms Magistrat and La Revi Modern), in Budapest (galeri Petsi Miheli), in Poland (in the rooms of Warsaw), Tzekanka and in Brotslab, Palatsik & and Ntesa, where she had collaborations with distinguished commissaries, theorists and critics of art. Also participated in a solo exhibition at the French Association in 2018.

She participated in the common report of figurative institution of ART & FLAME that took place under the aegis of Ministry of Culture in big cities of Greece and abroad. She took part in international reports: in Artistic Plates in Centro de fortiera in Argentina, in Centro de Arte in Lisbon, in the report Tax free world exhibition in Cannes, in the report International of art festival [OMMA] Center in America, in the common report Desegni in Covento di S.Marco of Firenze, and in the report Motoperpeuto in Fontanellato of Parmas. In 2019 she participated in the Hutten exhibition in the Netherlands, the Gallery Olga on June 27th in Aivali, Turkey, and the MegaArt exhibitions in Greece and Italy respectively, during July of the same year. She also participated in the ArtBox Gallery in Zurich, the BIANCOSCURO - Art Magazine in Italy and the Manhattan Arts International competition at Herstory Exhibition Price on the 30st of June, and collaborated with Online Art Galleries such as SaatchiArt, Artiez Dubai, ArtBox, ArtSmiley,, and more. On September 9th 2019 she participated on the group exhibition Cortechano of gallery Megart, in Rome and in 2-8 December on the international competition Art Box Miami WynWood Gallery. In 2020 she participated in international contests which took place at Luxembourg Museum of Art , Gallery Agora of New York, the Art Box in Zurich for the SBB Hall Event on 20-24 of August and at Studio 55 in Limassol early in the same month.

International Award for the painting "Emmanuelle" from the Italian Art Magazine BiancoScuro.

The continuous search and her unique love for the painting and particularly separate, were awarded in 1998 from the Municipality [Brotslab] of Poland. In 2005 took reward ONUFRI from the National Art gallery [Tiranon], in 2004 in Pan-Hellenic Report Drawing took the 1st reward with the statue Ermis. In 2006 were honoured with reward for her attendance in the common report that became in Springfield of USA. It received praise and golden medal from the UNESCO.

She was rewarded also by Parnassos and the clubs Laions and Rotary. With her work dealt important historians of art as Dimitris Deligiannis, Alexandros Xydis, Helen Bakalo, Mairi Alexioy, Aggela Tambaki, Dora Iliopoyloy - Rogkan, Leontios Petmezas and other. Portairts of Queen Elissabeth and Lady Diana painted by her are in the Buckingham Palace and has appreciation letters from the princesses. Her paintings can also be found at ACTOR'S HOME, Folklore Museum of Aegio and at the 1st Athens' Accouning Office. Moreover, the painting "Minotaur" is now in the personal collection of the ex-Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras and "Maria Callas" is now in the personal collection of the President of the Greek Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

She has participated and had private exhibitions at the following places: Dimokritos Gallery 2004 in Kolonaki, Maniaton Museum of Peiraeus 2005, Municipality of Marousi 2005, Municipality of Pefki 2005, UNESCO exhibition at Peiraeus Art Gallery 2009, Anezina Hotel Paros 2009, Peace & Friendship Stadium SEF 2007, Municipality and Floisvos museum of P. Faliro 2007 and 2009, Greek French college 2006-2008, International Exhibiton Thessaloniki 2006, East Airport 2008 and many more. She organised and participated in the Exhibition ALEXANDER THE GREAT & ALEXANDRIA in 2010. GAZI participation in a Group Exhibition 2010 under the theme WOMAN 2010. In 2016 she participated in an exhibition at the Peace & Friendship Stadium on 11 & 12 of June.

With her work have dealt important art historians as Dimitris Deliyannis, Alexandros Xidis, Helen Vakalo, Mary Alexiou, Angela Tamvaki, Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan, Leontios Petmezas and others. In 2010 became student at the Open University - Art History - with professor Mr. Manos Stefanidis, who particular appreciated the discovery of Code Athina and the decodings who made in paintings of Picasso, Michelangelo, Hitler, Mytaras, etc.

During these collaborations she analyzed tendencies of modern season, presenting the rich thematografy, where the particular is flooded with the internal sentimental lull and charge respectively. She dealt with portraits, landscapes, it impressed tsunami, body paintings, the arrests with ideograms, the schematic reformations and the metamorphism. She thereto worked in, emission and in the private channels New Channel, Tempo, TV Magic, in the channel Tilefos in emissions with figurative content. In her shows she had the complete acceptance of public, she entertained a lot of appreciable new and valorisen artists.

Meanwhile, since mid-2019, she has resumed her TV show "Code Athena", available in High TV.

She also had her own very successful radio show, three days per week, on the American online Radio, while maintaining her other shows on various Greek Media for the last 20 years. Pop art Athina no 1,2,3 YouTube, code Athina YouTube.


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