Nataliya Gurshman

I am a fine artist originally from the former Soviet Union. I love snow and many of my paintings are snowy cityscapes or landscapes. I use a palette knife and create energy on my canvases.
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Snow and cities

I grew up in the northern part of the former Soviet Union--a beautiful city of Leningrad. My connection with the snow is very deep and the snow emerges in all of my works. I use oils and palette knife.

Return “Return”

It is oil on wood, 24"x24" ©2020NataliyaGurshman, available for sale $1300

Snow Path “Snow Path”

Oil on canvas, 18"x18" ©2020NataliyaGurshman $1000

Russian Still-Life “Russian Still-Life”

Oil on canvas, 36"x24", ©NataliyaGurshman2020, $2200

Forest “Forest”

oil on canvas, 16"x20", ©NataliyaGurshman2020, $900

St.Isaacs Cathedral “St.Isaacs Cathedral”

oil on canvas, 22"x24", ©NataliyaGurshman2020, $900