Deri Chilton Russell

Deri Chilton Russell

Location: Canada

I started my Fine Art Impressionism in 2016 trying to make my art finely tuned. I was naive.
Not to say I didn't really understand the eye/brain information gathering concept, but more I was trying to recreate my reference down to the last gleam of light. I think however, now my style is picking up more of the gesture of the colours, adding layers of other colour for blending so the eye engages the brain and draws on the interpretation from the viewer's imagination or prior memories. Subtle colour changes in darker areas. Sweeps of colour representing rather than details details details. Some of my clients still prefer the original, more detailed style, so I try to throw one in occasionally. But all in all I think my art is evolving as the years go on.

I had someone tell me once " from a distance my work looks like a photo, but as you get closer you can see its a painting". I am striving for "I feel like I am really there".
As a job one could not get any better. Art fulfills an artist. I hope to continue to grow in my work and hope you enjoy the journey with me.


Deri Chilton Russell-Landscapes

My work reflects the area I live in, south western Ontario Canada. Usually it's impressionistic captures of fleeting moments. I work primarily in my home studio, with reference images I have taken previously, but I have been known to do commission work.

Down at the Docks “Down at the Docks”

36" x 36" x 1.5" Acrylics
I took photo reference for this painting in Bayfield Ontario. The town was getting ready for the Christmas in July Boat Parade.
This painting took The Scatcherd Family Award at the Paint Ontario Show 2016
Available for sale $1800. Canadian plus shipping

Standing in the Surf “Standing in the Surf”

28" x 22" acrylics
This painting taken from reference at Tobermory Ontario (Flowerpot Island).
You can hear the gulls and feel the splash on your legs as you stand in the rock surf.
This painting priced at $1200. Canadian plus shipping

Quintessential Rural “Quintessential Rural”

48" x 36" acrylics
Wide open spaces, This piece inspires creativity.
$1400. Canadian funds plus shipping

And the day dawned electric “And the day dawned electric”

48" x 36" acrylics
Bright and bold this painting screams for attention. Photo reference taken just north of Hanover Ontario.
$1400 Canadian plus shipping

Up on the Sixteenth “Up on the Sixteenth”

28" x 22" acrylics
Even in the depth of winter cold the landscape is stunning.

$1,085 Canadian plus shipping