Michael David Fortier

Mike is a self taught painter. Since childhood Mike has continuously produced works in various mediums. Working in an engineering field and traveling led Mike to produce several digital media works. Recently however Mike has come back to traditional media for his artwork.

Mike's professional activities involve designing and selling 6 degree of freedom robotics. Check out his robots at: www.mikrolar.com

Mike is a member of the Oil Painters of America and has sold and presented his paintings all over the world

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My Gallery

Some of my recent paintings

Dexter in the Morning Light “Dexter in the Morning Light”

Oil 14" x 14"
My Grandson in the morning sun at our family Lake House 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”

Oil 12" x 12"
Portrait for my oldest daughter who is a Ruth fan.

Hero 2 “Hero 2”

Oil 12" x 9"
Friends daughter, emergency room nurse in Atlanta

Office Chair 2020 “Office Chair 2020”

Acrylic 12" x 9"
Came to me in a dream. Pondering work environments during our pandemic.

Hero 5 “Hero 5”

Oil 12" x 9"
A friends daughter. An emergency room nurse during Covid.

Maisie 2020 “Maisie 2020”

Oil 12" x 9"
My venture into Disrupted Realism
My Grandaughter Maisie wearing her Covid Mask.