Location: Georgia

My name is Salome Chelidze. I was born in Georgia in a family of doctors on 20 September in 1982. My ancestors (my grandmother comes from Nant, France.
I have been painting since childhood. I remember being a 9 year-old girl drawing a big colourful parrot on my gramdmothers’s sheet as I had no canvas then. My father did not enable me to enter Art Academy and I had to master a quite different profession. At lectures, while other students worked, I drew. I have never taken painting lessons. I paint with oil paints. For me, there is no greater pleasure then to paint and when I do my drawings come to life, they have an aura, I speak to them. I invest great love, intense emotions and warmth in them.



Salome Art

Fish “Fish”

My amazing fish

African woman “African woman”

My African woman ,oil canvas