Oluwabamise Awosika

Oluwabamise Awosika

Location: Nigeria

Born and raised in the southwestern zone of Nigeria, Oluwabamise Awosika was attracted to art at a very tender age, although he only had little encouragement but his passion for it never suffered setback. A self taught artist, who had worked with several media before finally settled with collage (paper collage and mixed media collage) and occasionally pen art.
As an artist, Oluwabamise is interested in the study of his environment, most importantly anything that is related to humanity. Most of his works have been paper collage, which he used to express his view about life and what is happening around him. Oluwabamise was inspired by the works of two collage artists, Derek Gores (paper collagist) and Arnaud Bauville (mixed media collagist).
A graduate of University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Oluwabamise also had his masters degree in Environmental Biology from the same university. Since art is an integral part of his life, he started his career as an artist immediately he graduated from the university. Oluwabamise has never regretted of being an artist since making art making comes naturally to him and has never struggled making any.



We all like to shout at one another. Wailing like a siren but never satisfied. Complaining on every little thing, while neglecting the most expedient of all. "Charity begins at home" that is the saying, but we never applied this to ourselves.
A paper collage on paper board with the dimension of 124cm by 91cm.

Unexpected 1 “Unexpected 1”

Positive or negative, the other side will surely exact its own pressure.
A paper collage art on paper board with the dimension of 124cm by 91 cm.