Tamaya Garner

Tamaya Garner

Location: Canada

contact: tamayagarner@gmail.com

I, Tamaya Garner started my apprenticeship with Sculptor Bruce Garner in 1980.

Learning without the distraction of producing, allowed me to fully understand how to work wax, weld bronze, cast bronze, fabricate with the hammer formed technique and finish sculptures of all sizes.

Therefore, when I was ready to sculpt, I had no unrealistic expectations in completing my concepts. To be able to take your idea from a drawing and completing it from start to finish is truly a magnificent feeling of freedom.

I managed Bruce Garner’s apprenticeship program and taught.

I started to exhibit at the Womanmade Gallery in Chicago.
I have been involved in a number of group shows at the Cube Gallery in Ottawa.

I am now concentrating on publishing a book of poetry to coincide with my latest sculpture series.


A sculptor’s journals of coping as she takes care of her terminally ill soul mate / husband.
As an artist I feel I am privileged to be able to find refuge in my sculpture and written words.

Other Series are:

Chronicles of Virginia Woolf
Woman in Life [on going and in process]
Menopause The Natural Way
Portraits of Fear and Emotions of Cancer
Children as Sculptures [on going]
Image Struggles of A Woman [on going]
Synergy in Size - Mr. & Mrs. Globe

Group Shows:
CUBE Demonstration Against War Exhibit
CUBE quad.ratic Show
CUBE Great Big Show ll
CUBE Lum*ber Show
CUBE Great Big Show l
WOMANmade Gallery Chicago


chronicles of Virginia Woof

I have always been incredibly interested in the lives of people. Particularly sculptors, painters and writers. These are solitary lives and quite often we don't have others to compare notes with so I have gone to their published diaries or journals and biographies.
Virginia Woolf is one of my extended family. If images come to me then I sculpt them.