Mihaela Bobirnac

Biography of Mihaela Bobirnac

Mihaela Bobirnac was born in Romania and graduated from the Construction Institute of Bucharest in 1984 as an Installations for Construction Engineer.
She worked as an engineer and teacher/engineer for two years at Turceni High School. Among other subjects she taught technical drawing.
In 1992 she opened her own company in retail and construction.
From her childhood she was fascinated by art and everything she touched resembled beauty. Everything she did in her business was unique, this sparked the interest of local newspapers and she was thus interviewed.
In 1998 she and her family emigrated to the USA and within a year she and her husband opened a business in healthcare where she could help people and take care of her two growing children. In 2013 she closed the business to follow her dream-ART. She enjoyed creating many different forms of artwork: carving, ceramic. porcelain modeling, jewelry, and floral arrangements. This blossomed into a passion for acrylic paint on canvas and wood.
Mihaela is a self taught artist with a wide range of interests. Her main objective is to enlighten, inspire and lift people’s spirits. The first thing people notice about her artwork is the variety of media and techniques she embraces.
A couple highlights of her art career has been her gallery at the New York Art Expo, Monaco Yacht show Scope Miami during Art Basel Miami,in 2019 and her own individual exhibition in Bacau, Romania in 2018.
Her projects for the year 2021 participation at:
International Fine Art Cannes, Biennial, France- May 15 to 17
Art Basel Art Week 2021, Switzerland- June 10 to 21
Contemporary Art fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France- October 23 to 25 where postponed due to cancellation of these art shows.
Her paintings exhibit at the prestigious PAKS Gallery in Vienna,
PAKS Galleries in Castle Hubertendorf and
Palais Werndl, in Austria,
PAKS Gallery in Munich, Germany.

Artwork may be enjoyed on
Facebook Albums on page Ela's Art and Design
Web page elas-art.com (Paintings only)
Instagram Ela's Art and Design (Paintings only)



Acrylic painting on canvas

Adeline “Adeline”

Acrylic painting on canvas

Resilience “Resilience”

Acrylic painting on canvas 36 X 12 Inch

Blue Blossoms “Blue Blossoms”

Acrylic painting on canvas 16 X 20 Inch

Tell Me Something “Tell Me Something”

Acrylic painting on canvas 16 X 20 inch

Noble spirit “Noble spirit”

Acrylic painting on canvas 30 X 40 Inch

Golden Treasure “Golden Treasure”

Acrylic painting on canvas

The Engine Of Life “The Engine Of Life”

Acrylic painting on canvas 24 X 8, 30 X 15, 24 x 8 Inch