Yasmin Bussiere

Yasmin’s artwork comes to her in reflecting on life experiences, fusing grandiose landscapes with spiritual reflections. Central Asia, Western Africa, the Middle East and Asia provide the source of her inspirations. Illuminations are omnipresent in her pieces as they express the essence of nature and the importance of precious metals. She works with different mediums, pressing hard down on the canvas, gouging out traces of personal journeys. Art for her is organic, transportive and she connects to places physically through materials.


Eastern Light

Yasmin’s work is an expression of the heart as it makes a sojourn into landscapes of the soul. Discovering family ties, living and working in Central Asia have put her on this path. She wants to show how her memories have brought new colors and deeper textures to her art. She also wants the viewer to find a foothold in her own experiences and open a portal for their own inspirations.