Susan Hurwitch

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I recall gravitating toward color and texture from a very young age. Art became a vital means of expression and communication for a shy and lonely child. Without really understanding the power of art expression, I was cognizant that for me reimagining my world in a colorful and whimsical way brought me a deep sense of happiness and joy. Art, while encouraged, was not viewed as a career path and so, after earning a BS degree in Medical Technology, I relocated to Northern Virginia where I raised a family, while keeping my hands in a variety of creative pursuits. I believe that the artist within us will always find a way to create.

In the years since retiring to the vibrant art community of Sarasota, I have worked to hone my art skills with the guidance fabulous mentors from Art Center Sarasota, Ringling College of Art & Design and through memberships in several art-based associations, all who have helped me find my path in mixed media with a focus on combining collage with acrylic painting.

My use of color and texture has become an integral part of my signature style. My mixed media and collage pieces are informed by the color and richness of the environment, while paying homage to Florida flora and fauna. It is with planning and purpose that I infuse my work with a hint of playfulness and whimsy in order to achieve a happy and joyful spirit to my art.

Each piece of art is designed from conception to execution by an experimental process of paint color selection, while incorporating paper and mixed media materials to add a textural quality. Central to this process is the foundational layout utilizing my unique hand painted and printed papers before all of the selected elements are merged into a cohesive composition. My pieces have focused on garden, floral, bird and animal themes. These hallmark focal points will continue to be incorporated as I expand my exploration of new and varied themes. I firmly believe that art can help us process the world around us and that color and thematic choices can impact mood and our sense of well-being.

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