Maija Vanhatapio

Maija Vanhatapio

Location: Finland

Maija Vanhatapio was born in Helsinki in 1946 and now lives in Kajaani. She was graduated as a graphic designer, had her own advertising agency, studied fine arts at the University of Lapland. Since 2006 she has participated in several exhibitions each year, both in private gallery exhibitions and in group exhibitions (inc. Finland, Spain, Japan).
Maija Vanhatapio paints mostly with acrylic or mixed media with oil. Nordic Nature is the basis for her themes: its textures, colors and lights. Vanhatapio picks out what's vital and thought-provoking, digests and rebuilds an abstract story in order to present the nature in a new form to the viewer.


Northern views

My works hails from personal and emotional experiences in the wild, interpreting the complex and multi-dimensional levels it presents to the voyager. I study and experiments textures, colors and lights of the Nordic landscape through different media. Pulling apart everything I see into bitesize pieces, picking out what is vital and thought provoking and rebuilding an abstract story to present to the viewer in a new form for spectators own version.

Heavy Night “Heavy Night”

Freezing lake and polar night in acrylic, size 80x60 cm, price € 2100

Heavy Light “Heavy Light”

That time of winter when the light is coming up on thick snow covered ground. Painted with oil on wooden panel, size 80x70 cm, price € 2200

Lake Inari “Lake Inari”

The lake Inari is a biggest lake in Finish Lapland. Sami people says it is bottomless. That why it is painted in deep blue under the clearist sky in acrylic, size 70x70 cm, price € 1800.