Doina Iacob

Doina Iacob was born in 1971, in a provincial town in Romania. Manifesting interest in drawing since she was little, she spent her childhood drawing on absolutely everything that came in contact with her hand, from paper sheets to furniture, books, asphalt, even doll faces. After high school and another two years in a college of engineering in Bucharest, Doina chose to drop school and follow her passion. She committed as a painter decorator using a technique almost forgotten today and extremely complicated (Daum Nancy and Galle), some sort of reverse painting on multiple layers of glass. She worked in this field for almost 10 years, while also drawing cartoons and caricatures for a Hungarian company and comic strips for a local newspaper.

In 2004 she emigrated to the United States where she settled with her family, only a few miles away from Chicago.

She is a self taught artist.



Life is as fragile and short as a blink of God's eye. We are born from the dust of the stars and we return to them, and, during our existence on this round Earth (round as the eye of God) we try to rise higher and higher, every day, transforming, evolving, longing for something we do not know but want with all our heart, probably the same stardust we came from- D.I.