Peyton Evans

A self-taught artist, proudly queer and trans. I dabble in a couple different mediums including and not limited to: painting, photography, video art and sculpting.

IG: @r3nshootz


Host of Feelings

I've been very into Fluid art, using acrylics and asking myself how i am. It's a very simple question but I find myself often not knowing how to describe how I feel it sometimes feels like there arent enough words for it. The basics may include happiness, sadness, fear, anger, but as a person with mental illness sometimes I didnt know how to describe the big ones that I've felt for a long time chronically in the background like they've blended in with the scenery . Depression, Anxiety and Intrusive thoughts are something I've had to learn to cope with and the only thing that has helped to express those feelings for me has been art. I read long ago a statement about taking your pain and turning it into art but what really hit me is what so many artists that I listen to have continued to do is be vulnerable and let their art show who they are and how the feel, what they've been through including the pain. Art is very close to my heart and i chose to like them bear my pain and be vulnerable so I took each piece out of the darkness inside me I brought it into light.