Sergio Spinelli

Sergio Spinelli

Location: Argentina

Sergio Spinelli began studying computer science which led to his interest in technology related art, as well as classical painting. He studied at the University of Buenos Aires fine arts and graphic design . His work is strongly influences from surrealism aesthetic, the symbolists, as well as film industry. Spinelli has designed magazine covers for numerous mainstream publications in South America. He works as a digital artist and graphic designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Massurrealism : (the short answer)
A form of art rooted in the combination of mass media related art and surrealist imagery. This creative tendency is based on the further evolution of surrealism, with technology and mass media being the catalyst. It is a coalescence of mass media subjects and techniques to the surreal. This approach unites the more classical methodology with cutting edge and developing media. It is also evolutionary, driven by artists inspiration.