Krystal Garcia

I have been inspired to be creative growing up from seeing my mom paint oil paintings to doing ceramics with my grandma. I was raise on a ranch and have a love for the outdoors. Everything I see or dream I want to bring to life in a sketch or painting. I have more recently got more involve with my work to get away from the pain in the real world, especially with the COVID-19 Pandemic that recently took my Aunt to the Lord. My art is what keep me going.


Being Creative

This protofolio contains all of my work that I have been learning and creating with different mediums and techniques. I always love creating new work and it makes me even more excited to try different techniques and mediums I have learned throughout my art journey, My most used medium is acrylic but I do work with oils, watercolors, charcoal, pastels and alcohol inks. I hope you enjoy viewing this portfolio.

Under water Koi “Under water Koi”

I was enjoying nature and sitting next to a Koi pond, which inspired me to create a piece using Colored Pencils. This is one of my most favorite pieces.

Positive energy “Positive energy”

This work was created using acrylics, spending over 10 hours to complete. Elephants are a symbol of strength, commitment and gentleness. The elephant appeared in my dreams at the beset time as I was just starting to be more committed to my art and learn where I fit in this world. The colorful designs around it is a symbol of creativity and positivity.

Koi of Life “Koi of Life”

Created with different techniques using Acrylic. I find that Koi is an inspiration of good vs. evil. This Koi is a symbol of the the good in life, the beauty.

Equine “Equine”

My first sketch of my horse Hershey.

Life at Sea “Life at Sea”

Acrylic painting of sea turtles and their life at sea,

A walk through nature “A walk through nature”

Created with watercolors, capturing the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Black Bull Hotel “Black Bull Hotel”

Created using Oils, capturing the beauty of this old landmark. This hotel is also said to be haunted.

Native at Heart “Native at Heart”

A sketch created to portray my Native American heritage. I see that no how far away I have come from my roots I feel as though I am still connected to my ancestors.

Unicorn of Colors “Unicorn of Colors”

Created with Acrylics for a niece who loves Unicorns.

Mix of colors “Mix of colors”

Created with Alcohol inks, abstract.

Gotham City “Gotham City”

This painting was inspired by one of my dear cousins who is a huge Batman fan.

My last wish “My last wish”

An inspirational piece telling you that even though everything is falling apart around you, you can remain tall and strong.

Wildlife sketches

This is a portfolio to show my sketches of all wildlife. I was inspired to draw animals after I did a spiritual reading. My cards read that this upcoming year 2021 I will be lead by a Coyote. Doesn't sound to promising but as the days go by, I am finding it more and more believable as things occur I realize, yes the Coyote is leading me. I am often wondering what is it that he has to teach me this year. I soon hope to find out. I have also drawn other spirit animals as these animals were what my family and friends cards were. 2021 is looking to be another interesting year, but I feel that it is going to be a better one.

Bear necessities “Bear necessities”

A baby cub climbing up an aspen tree in Colorado Mountains.

Elk Mountain “Elk Mountain”

My first sketch of an Elk

Whale-ing around “Whale-ing around”

A piece created for a friend who loves whales

Stary Bear “Stary Bear”

The spirit of the bear guiding and providing protection throughout the night

Spirit of the Coyote “Spirit of the Coyote”

The coyote spirit is keen and a trickster. If this is your spirit animal, it mean that you have something you need to learn and that the lie you have been telling yourself will be revealed.

Baby bunny “Baby bunny”

My first sketch of a baby bunny

Hang in there “Hang in there”

A bat sketch depiction of this year. It has not been the best of years with so many bad things happening, this bat represents for us to hang in there and be resilient.

Mouse “Mouse”

Spirit of the Mouse, searching for it's next meal.

Alone in the wild “Alone in the wild”

A lonely Elk by the river

Peaceful life “Peaceful life”

Koi represents good luck, strength, success and determination. The flowers represents that as you go through life seek the beauty in everything you do. ❤️