Bernard Desjardins

During the evolution of my career as a Designer traveling abroad sharing our standards of living and values, I developed a discerning eye for art relating to history, surroundings and founded Art+Imaging Studio, the following websites, and recognized galleries to promote my art.

The compositions evoke an art using photographic imagery, transparencies on multiple layers relating to specific moments in time forming a movement of images with relevant text messages as signature relating to our human history and surroundings.

While conceptualizing my photographic montages, I engage myself in a personal dialogue through images hoping for a reaction from the people visualizing the movement and depth of my artwork reflecting my attitude toward life and concerns about the deterioration of our social fabric in America and abroad.

The symbolism expressed in my artworks, the energies, movements, and shapes of various subjects are not intended as political observations or provocations yet they should be perceived as mirrored excerpts of ourselves expressing inspirational images of a moment and surrealistic thoughts that people may look at them as evocative, inspirational, or surreal art as a catalyst for dialogue.

Hoping that my photo-imaging artworks inspire personal memories and emotions that are unique to the eventual art buyer.


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