Joshua D. Gold

Born and raised In Brooklyn, NY, I grew up in my father’s art and sculpture foundry, Excalibur Bronze/EXNY Studio, which I still own and operate in Brooklyn, NY.
I received a bachelors in history from Cornell University, am also a licensed attorney, graduating Magna Cum Laude from
Brooklyn Law School, and spent some time practicing law. While law was interesting and presented its own unique challenges, my passion for art never faded, and I never stopped doing my work. 11 years ago I left the full time practice of law to return to being a dedicated, full-time artist.
I have learned hands-on from other artists and craftspeople of all different backgrounds, media and disciplines since I was a child in my father’s shop, as well as through some formal art education. I work in oils, digital media and sculpture, often casting in bronze or fabricating in metal. Finally, I am also a furniture designer.
Through my art, I attempt to explore the imagery of our consciousness and our souls, focusing not on the image our senses present, but instead on the way our mind interprets those stimuli, how they create our internal presence in reality, and how our mind’s eye reflects images of all things back to us, whether they be hopes, fears, nightmares, dreams, aspirations, or even just interesting or amusing details of our existence.


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