Icebear Studios

IceBear Studios

Location: Canada

IceBear is a multi talented contemporary Ojibwe artist, who has been focussed on his fine art creation since the early 90s,with work that has appeared in exhibitions and collections across North America as well as in Europe and parts of Asia. His art spans the gamut from representational to abstract, often combining several genres to create the Vision. He is a sculptor, has working in stone, wood, mixed medias and bronze. IceBear often combines sculpture and painting in unique art pieces.



IceBear has created a series of brilliant and vibrant abstracts, celebrating life, creation, and the power of Mother Earth

It’s a Wonderful World “It’s a Wonderful World”

Original acrylic on canvas, 4’x4’. Inspired by Louis Armstrong’s iconic theme, this painting offers a look forward to what our world and our life can be if we only take the time to move forward with love and a positive attitude, finding ways to work together to achieve miracles even in these troubling times. A careful look with find a branch of blossoms tacked near the bottom


This is a collection of images, mostly in private collections but available as limited edition giclees on canvas. Prices on request, and as each print is created to order, can frequently be sized to fit a specific space.

Northwest “Northwest”

We see here an orca, the magnificent ruler of the marine world in the Pacific Northwest. An endangered species because of human carelessness, orcas have strong and loyal family units, are highly intelligent, and are an integral and essential part of the ocean ecosystem.