Audrey Dowling

Making my mixed media pieces I frequently use my block prints as a starting point. Around these block prints I add elements created in many different mediums that are all created by me. These include drawing and painting in many different mediums, photos I took and/or pieces of collaged solid color areas cut from magazines pages. Conceptually I am always looking for a way to convey a love of nature that is not just copying pictures using tight realism drawing and painting techniques. I prefer to simplify and add some of my spirit to my work that is more what I see out in nature. One never sees birds long enough to get minute details, rather they are shapes and gestures from the birds as they stop to eat at the feeder or fly by. Trees can be laboriously drawn and painted, but I choose to abstract them into simpler forms on these pieces. My concept is to capture and excite the viewer and encourage them to get out and see the world around them. The woods, water features, birds and fields are my inspiration. By enhancing the love of them, I hope to set others on a path of deep appreciation and stewardship.


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