Eden Bender

Eden Bender

Location: Canada

Eden Bender is an established Toronto based sculptor and painter. Eden graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and continues to take specialized courses furthering her exploration of materials and techniques. She has received numerous awards including the Odette Sculpture Award, the Ontario Arts Council Award and the Fusion Design Award. She is in multiple publications including Beautiful Home by Studio Pyramid, Objekt International; 500 Figures in Clay, Lark Books; and The Black and White of Eden Bender, Fusion Magazine. Eden’s work was internationally exhibited at the Stricoff Gallery, New York; Art Basel, Switzerland; Warsaw Poland International Ceramic Exhibition, Poland; Master Class St. Petersburg, Russia; and The International Art Fair, Toronto.



This portion of my portfolio is of figurative sculptures and utilizes mixed materials. My work is conceptual in nature and explores human behaviour and resiliency in various circumstances. The work is contemporary in nature and often blurs the lines of disciplines.

Picking Up The Pieces “Picking Up The Pieces”

After the challenges of Covid our coping mechanisms have been taxed. As we see an end in sight with the vaccines being dispersed we are able to pick up the pieces.