Marianna Balog "mana"

Marianna Balog   "Mana"

Location: Hungary

Marianna Balog „Mana” I am from Hungary. I believe that artrists have a role to play in shaping a better future, as they are the link between heaven and earth.
Painting is a means to show wahat is to be expressed throught me. My works are mostly made in a meditatív state, with spontaneous creatin. I like pure colors, different struktures, with their help i can express impulsivity, passion and freedom. I apply a lot of paint ont he canvas in several layers, the layers build on top of each other, like when people become rich , more beautiful and experience love after experiencing a lot of experience.
My works were exhibited in Győr in Budapest in New york in England, California.
Hungary, Győr Kortárs Gallery 2017
Hungary,Győr, Czinege Gallery 2018
Hungary: Art Festival Budapest,2019
Hungary, Contemporary Art Gallery Budapest2019
Hungary, Darabanth A House, Budapest, 2019/2020
Hungary: Gold Brush Art Gallery, Budapest, 2020
Hungary: Downtown Art Gallery, Budapest, 2020
USA:New York. People and Painting, Exhibition: Emotion in a Painting 2020
J.Mane Gallery : England, All women 2021
Hungary: Downtown Art Gallery, Budapest, 2021


Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas

Happy man when he spends a pozitive feeling and can't he straightens his mouth.

Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas “Happiness 100x120 oil, canvas”

Happy man when he spends a pozitive feeling and can't he straightens his mouth.

Flow 240x100 oil, canvas “Flow 240x100 oil, canvas”

When we flow with the universe we can be succeessful.

Unkonditional love 70x90 oil, canvass (2) “Unkonditional love 70x90 oil, canvass (2)”

To love someone unconditionally means I don’t condition my love as I accept as it.

Flaming 70x90 oil,canvas “Flaming 70x90 oil,canvas”

To blase for someone with a glowing passion to love

Love 70x90 oil, canvas “Love 70x90 oil, canvas”

The true love overcomes everything! Only man has positive thoughts at this time, that is everything.