Jeong, Wookyung

ARTIST Jeong, WooKyung

1990 Graduated, Mokwon University, Daejeon, Korea (Bachelor, Industrial Art)

Solo Exhibition 20th

Group Exhibition Over 200th

Art Fair 19th

International Exhibition
2019 Amsterdam whitney gallery (New York)

AIAM Esprit Nouveau Artiste de l’année 2019

Present Positions
Invited artist of Daejeon Art Competition
Invited artist of Chungcheong Arts
Korea Fine Arts Association
Formative Fine Arts Association
Daejeon Contemporary Fine Arts Association
Daejeon Figurative Artist Association
Sejong-si Sketching Membership Association
Korean Contemporary Art SinGiHoe


Jeong, wookyung Portfolio

Past, present and...

Instead of shedding tears over the petals falling, we need to remember that certain process is inevitable in order to bear fruits. That mature understanding of sacrifices shows in my paintings as threads get weaved into knots connecting the past and the present within us to live on the tomorrow.

To explain the inspiration for my paintings, I would like to go back in time. My mother used to knit beautiful clothes and accessories for me, and the joy that those memories brought me always have motivated me to create. To this day, I am constantly studying how I could bring my painting pieces to life to tell the personal story within.

My art world exists inside the combination of life and love. From my childhood, my mother was gone often because of her hard work to bear the family burden. I believe that her knitted gifts were a representation of her love and at the same time an apology for not being able to around. That powerful love is what bases my work.

Life is a form of time that is knitted and weaved with small and big experiences that eventually grows us. Simply being a series of incidents and progresses, life can constantly change and evolve.

Knots in the paintings resemble our inner wounds that doesn’t show but hurts and also represents scars that have faded over time. Through the painting, I knitted two knots together to tell that the past never evaporates but connects as it lives on as informations and writings to influence us to be taught in the present.

Regardless of what I have or what I don’t, I appreciate being able to create art that I truly enjoy and being able to wake up to a morning breeze each day. Happiness constantly flows within me that leads to endless ideas that gets portrayed on the canvas while it makes my heart beat and flies butterflies in my stomach.

My life will follow and devote to the path that is created within communications with other individuals through my paintings.