Koot Marike

Koot Marike

Location: France

Marike Koot was born in 1956 in the Netherlands but lives in the South of France. She is self taught. Inspired by her environment she produces beautiful acrylic and oil paintings.

Her work is full of her enthusiasm. She loves colors and likes a loose impresionistic way of painting.

Marike hopes that those who view her work will experience the pleasure that she had creating it.


Surfing at Lacanau, France

This painting was made after a holiday at the Atlantic coast in France

Surfing at Lacanau, France. “Surfing at Lacanau, France.”

After a holiday at the Atlantic ocean near Lacanau in France, I made this painting.
Being close to the ocean gives me a feeling of freedom.

Waves at the Méditerranée

Whenever I go to the Méditerranée, close to where I live, I get inspired.

waves “waves”


Atlantic waves

Waves comimg in day after day, It never stops. Never the same.