Olufemi Butler Agboola

Olufemi Butler Agboola

Location: Nigeria

Born on October 10th 1986. Started painting at the age of 8. Go through through internship training under a prominent artist in Nigeria. Graduated from a polytechnic in Niger state. Awarded Masters in entrepreneurship from the federal university of technology, Minna, Niger state, Nigeria. Specialized in painting, wood work and sculpture.


The quench

The tool used by the African women in fetching water for domestic purpose.

Endless fight “Endless fight ”

It's about what is happening in our society where we keep fighting for what is unnecessary, envy and jealousy. We fight each other with smiles. But the chicken make sure they settle it physically.

The quench “The quench ”

In a society where women go to the river to fetch water to use at home, for cooking, washing and other things.

Prof. Wolesoyinka “Prof. Wolesoyinka”

A legend from Nigeria that have written a lot of books.

Voices “Voices”

Ensure that your voice is been heard in any society. Your voice may change a situation. Ask and to u shall be given unto.

Tears of the River “Tears of the River ”

Even the river cries. The cry of the way people are misusing the environment. The innovation and the creation of things are affecting the environment.